In My Speecherbread House!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
I wanted to come up with a crafty activity that the kids could play over the break. My student love games so I figured they would actually practice their targets if they were made into a game!
With a little "Pin-spiration" here is what I came up with!
This is our Speecherbread House!
Here is how it works:
I printed out the gingerbread roof and decorations from Jackie Higgins' Gingerbread Theme Unit. You can download it here!
Then I printed out target words from Mommy Speech Therapy and cut them out. You can download them here!
I laid out the target words and let the students take turn choosing a word words to practice or use in a sentence. The kids liked using the sentence "I have a ___ in my speecherbread house!"

After they practiced their target, they put their word in their bag. Now they can take home their speecherbread house full of target words and have a fun activity to use over the break!
Are you sending homework with your students?

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  1. How clever and cute! Will definitely keep in mind for next year - gingerbread are a big hit with my students; especially the Gingerbread Pirate. Bet Captain Cookie could use a Speecherbread house for when he comes ashore:)


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