How Arrrrgh They Alike?

Saturday, December 8, 2012
The concept of comparing and contrasting two items can be a really tough task for some kids, especially if they are language impaired. I had a student on my caseload this year that came to me with a comparing a contrasting goal so I created this activity for him!

Here is how you play:
1. Print out game board and cards. Cut the cards apart
2. Mix the captain, message in a bottle, parrot, and map bonus cards in with the object cards.
3. Students take turn choosing a card from the pile.
4. Students explain how the 2 objects on the card are alike and how they are different.
5. If the student answers correctly, he/she moves ahead on the game board.

Here is a shot of the game board and a few of the cards from the deck.

I also included blank cards so you can make your own! So far, it has been a popular game in my therapy room. Hopefully it will be in your room too!

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