Easter Fun In the Speech Room!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Hoppy Easter week!! Are you one of the lucky ones on spring break? If you are, I am incredibly jealous! The upside of working this week is that I get to cram in a TON of pastel colored, bunny and chick themed activities into therapy. There has been so much hoppin' fun going on that I had to split this post up into two parts. So check back for even more Easter Week therapy ideas tomorrow!
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One of my favorite books to use during this time of year is 
The kids adore these books and there are unlimited ways to target speech and language goals for your younger students with this book. I have an entire speech and language story companion in my store for this book that targets prepositions, compare & contrast, story sequencing, articulation, following directions, and more. You can check it out here. But, one of my latest and favorite activities are story sequencing necklaces! The kids (yes, both boys and girls) love cutting, coloring, and stringing their story necklace together! 
For my articulation students, we played a few friendly rounds of Speech with my Peeps! This is an open-ended game that can be used to target any goals, but I had my students practice 3 targets before choosing a card in the game. This one is even more fun if you have some real marshmallow Peeps to share at the end of the session!
Last, but not least, we did some Easter themed pronoun sorting! Pronouns are something many of my students struggle with. This goal can often get tedious, so anytime I can throw in some festive fun, I do. I have an entire packet of themed pronoun sorting mats that you can check out here!
Looking for some more Easter themed speech and language activities? Check out some more below!

I hope you are having a great week (in therapy or out!) Don't forget to check back again tomorrow for MORE Easter fun in the speech room!

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