10 Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas!

Saturday, April 4, 2015
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Only 1 more day till that adorable bunny comes to visit! Are you a last minute shopper like me? I had my parents watch Kenzie last night so I could go snag her some Easter basket goodies. My girl loves Target as much as I do. Actually, she just loves shopping. She asks me daily to go to Target or TJ Maxx. No lie.  I was pretty proud of myself this year because I managed to make her a candy-free basket! That's right, not one jelly bean, not one Reese's peanut butter egg (those are my weakness), not one pastel M&M. This year I stuffed her basket with: a bathing suit, sunglasses, The Princess & The Frog movie, Max & Ruby Easter book, a paint set, and one of the only Magic Clip Princess dolls she doesn't have. Is your daughter or any of your students as obsessed with these Magic Clip dolls as Kenzie is? 
While on the drive home and feeling pretty good about not purchasing any candy, it got me thinking about how many other amazing, educational items I could stuff into an Easter basket over candy. 
So, I thought I would share a few of my ideas here!
1. Books
This one should come as no surprise. I absolutely love books. I look forward to our nightly bedtime story each night. There are just so many learning experiences and opportunities attached to each story. Not to mention, the special bonding time books bring. Kenzie's bed time favorites lately have been: 
2. Art Supplies
Arts and craft activities have unlimited opportunities for social skills, language, and motor skills practice. Plus, most kids absolutely love getting crafty and creative. I know a lot of moms and dads are hesitant to do artsy activities because of the mess. I found a TON of no-mess paint activities on Amazon. Some of my favorites are the water color books that only require water and a paintbrush! 
3. iTunes Gift Card
Educational apps are often our saving grace when going out to dinner, grocery shopping, or getting an oil change. I don't often give my daughter my phone or iPad, but sometimes you just need to. There are so many great, educational apps out there right now, so why not gift them?
4. Bubbles
What kid doesn't love bubbles?! Besides being fun, bubbles are a great motivator for speech and language productions as well as oral motor exercise!
5. PlayDoh
My daughter's imagination runs wild when she is playing with PlayDoh! 
6. Sidewalk Chalk
I love using sidewalk chalk both at home and during therapy. Some of my most fun sessions have been outdoors. Drawing pictures, letters, hopscotch boards, etc. It's a great way to practice any skill as well as get some creative time in. 
Lately, Kenzie and I have been loving the Easter egg shaped chalk.
7. Bunny Ears
Because who doesn't love a cute pair of bunny ears?!
8. Mad Libs
For some of the older kids, Mad Libs are a great Easter basket stuffer! 
Mad Libs are a really fun way to practice grammar while being silly!
9. Puzzles
puzzles are a great way to work on motor skills, vocabulary, requesting, and social skills all at the same time. 
Some of the Melissa & Doug puzzles are my favorite!
10. Stickers
I don't know many kids that don't like stickers. Stickers are an inexpensive, fun reward for kids in the speech room. 
Why not stuff some in an Easter basket, too?

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  1. Reese's eggs are my Achilles heel, too. I always put non candy items in my kids baskets along with the requisite candy. I invariably ended up bringing the candy into school for the teachers!


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