This Week In Speech... Thanksgiving Edition!

Friday, November 16, 2012
I am hours away from Thanksgiving Break!! I can feel it and I know the kids can too. I was so bummed at the start of the week. I could not find my favorite Thanksgiving book that I use every year, The Great Turkey Race. I had activities all planned out. I was ready for my first group. And then the book disappeared. It still is yet to return.

So anyways  I had to come up with some other activities to do this week with my kiddos. I wanted to share with you what we did. A colleague found these cute turkeys on Super Teacher Worksheets.  I decided to use them differently with each group. For articulation groups, they wrote target words on the feathers, language kiddos wrote what they were thankful for, and my kindergarten students worked on letters in their name. Here is a picture of some of my kindergarten turkeys:

Another activity I like to do with my language kids is writing holiday poems. I found a template on Speaking of Speech. Before they write their poems, we brainstorm ideas together and write them on chart paper. This poem related the 5 senses to Thanksgiving. Here is a sample from one of my first grade groups:
After we were done brainstorming, I gave the students their own poem template. Then, they independently completed the poem. They were so proud! I took them around to visit other teachers and specialists so they could read their poem to others! Here is what the Thanksgiving Poem template from Speaking of Speech  looks like:
What did you do this week?

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  1. I love these, Kristin! What cute ideas! I will have to remember these for next year! :)


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