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Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for everyone I have met through blogging in the past year, how much I have learned, and how technology has allowed me to work with my students on new levels. I am very thankful for Kyle and The Mobile Education Store because they have yet to disappoint me with their apps! Have you used the Story Builder app? The goal of this app is to help improve paragraph formation, improve integration of ideas, and improve levels of inference. In addition to those goals, many of the goals you work on with your speech and language students can also be addressed with this app.
When you open Story Builder, you are brought to the settings page. Here you can select the Level of Play, Question Reinforcement, Color Code Reinforcement, and Story Introduction Reinforcement. Here is a screen shot of the settings page. Like all Mobile Education Store apps, it allows you to create individual student profiles to save data and recordings (great for those artic kids!)

Here is a screen shot of one of the story prompts. With the settings I have chosen, a question is presented to the student along with a sentence prompt. The student is able to record their answer before prompted with another question about the story. The recordings are saved and then put together to create a story after all of the questions have been answered!
Here's how the levels are broken down:
 Level 1: 
4 questions are asked about the picture. These questions can be answered by simply looking at the picture. 
Level 2: 
7 questions are asked about the picture. The complexity level is stepped up a bit here. Students are asked what may have happened before or what will happen after.
Level 3: 
No questions are asked. The student is free to make up any story about the picture. 
Below is a picture of a Level 3 picture prompt. The audio with this picture says, "Make a story about the picture. Be sure to use complete sentences."
As I was playing this, all of the student that would benefit and enjoy this app kept popping in my head...and they are all working on different goals! I love that there is such a wide range of goals that can be addressed with this app. Here are just a few that popped in my head while playing:
1. Answering WH-questions
2. Inferencing
3. Articulation
4. Grammar (pronouns, tenses, etc)
5. Adjectives/ descriptive words
6. Story grammar
7. Story retelling
8. Sequencing

Story Builder sells for $7.99 in the iTunes store. Try to win a copy below!

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  1. This is seriously my all-time favorite app! I use it often for all of those ideas, and often use it when my planned lesson goes quickly or falls flat--I can always count on the kids to love any speech session with StoryBuilder.

  2. I would use it for wh-questions

  3. I would use it for articulation, story telling, sequencing, and grammar.

  4. I would probably use the app the most for answering wh- questions.

  5. This would be a SUPER useful app. I could address wh- questions, sentence formulation, sequencing, grammar, adding details (descriptive language), and speech production carryover!

  6. Generating clear descriptions of events. Understanding elements of a story and sequencing events.

  7. I've loved the apps from this company! Hope I can try this one too!

  8. I really need another app for inferencing and sequencing so this would be great!

  9. I have so many students who could really benefit from using this app. I would love to win it!

  10. I have never tried this but I love the Conversation Builder so I'm sure I would love this one too! I would definitely use it for story telling and inferencing, but probably a lot more as well!


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