Jack Hartman!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Do you know Jack Hartman? If not, you definitely should! If you aren't familiar with Jack, you may know Dr. Jean. Jack Hartman is like our local Dr. Jean and his music is a favorite in our classrooms. Today I went on a field trip with PreK to see him perform. The kids (and the teachers) had a blast.  His songs, cheese as some may be, are very catchy and will get you dancing. Good luck getting them out of your head!
Me and Jack Hartman after the show

Lots of his songs are on YouTube. 
Here are a few favorites:

Learning Letter Sounds
(check out ABC Disco, too!)

The Penguin Dance (my favorite!)

Five Little Fish

The Gingerbread Man (great to use with the story)

Does Jack make any appearances in your therapy sessions/ classrooms? Who is your favorite?

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  1. Having lived in Florida for several years...and then moved to PA I can happily report Jack Hartman came with me and is now being played in many of the preschool special needs classes in my area. We especially love "learning letter sounds".


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