Under the Sea!

Friday, September 14, 2012
The title of this post makes me start singing the song from The Little Mermaid! We have had a great two weeks under the sea! I wanted to share with you the activities we have done during this unit. There are two speech therapists at my school, I see PreK-2nd grade and the other therapist sees 3rd through 5th grade. So these activities were used with early elementary age students. I used the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister with all of my groups but used different activities to meet their different goals.

These are my articulation jellyfish! I cut out the jellyfish body and tentacles. The students wrote target words on the tentacles and attached them to the body. Then they decorated their jellyfish. I used this activity with all of my articulation groups. 
My PreK and Kindergarten groups made their own rainbow fish! Since PreK and Kindergarten were working on colors and shapes, I jumped on that vocabulary with this activity. Our rainbow fish had colorful triangles for scales. I used a piece of shiny wrapping paper for the one sparkly scale. 
For my first grade and second grade groups, we focused on character and setting. They created a starfish with the setting in the middle and the characters on the starfish legs. I found the pictures through google image. (Bonus: If you use Story Grammar Marker, a star represents the setting!)

I also created an extra articulation activity. Click here to download it. Print, cut, and laminate. Print the first page a few times. Here is how I play:
Put all the pieces face down on the table
Have each student practice their target 5 times.
After they practice, they choose a card.
Sounds simple, but the kids love games like this and you get a lot of target practice!
Graphics from My Graphico
What are your favorite under the sea activities and books?


  1. Love the artic game! I could use that for language activities, too. I've made the jellyfish and of course, the rainbow fish with my kids...I've also started to make 3D jellyfish using paper bowls (or plates we cut) and ribbon for wrapping presents. We talk about parts of a jellyfish, plus long/short, straight/curly (or round), colors, inside/outside, near/far (for higher kids) as we make them. The kids love it! And we practice following directions as well as concepts.

    Talking With Rebecca

  2. Thank you for the jellyfish idea! I have used it in therapy this week and just featured it on my blog:)



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