Rainbow Sentences App Review & Giveaway!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Hello friends! I am so sorry that I have been MIA for a while. Things have been a little hectic lately between work and my little Kenzie! So why not come back with a giveaway? And this is a good one!

Kyle from The Mobile Education Store contacted me about reviewing Rainbow Sentences and I am so glad he did! This app is perfect for helping your students create grammatically correct sentences on multiple levels. When you open the Rainbow Sentences app, it brings you to a settings page. Here, you can create multiple student profiles, choose the level of difficulty, and set the visual and audio supports. I love that you can create individual student profiles. This allows you to keep data on each student while going green! After you choose your settings, you are ready to play the game! (There is an option to watch a video tutorial of the app. The tutorial is very helpful and informative. I won't go into the details, you can watch it here!)

There are 3 levels to this app and each level contains 55 sentences. Level 1 allows you to build sentences that target the who and the what. The students are presented with a picture and jumbled words the put in order to create a sentence. Below is an example of a level 1 sentence:
Level 2 allows you to build sentences that target the who, what, and where. Below is an example of a level 2 sentence:
Level 3 targets who, what, where, and why parts of a sentence. Below is an example of a level 3 sentence:
After you complete the sentence, you select the I'm Done! button. If you did not complete the sentence correctly, the parts of the sentence that are wrong return to the bottom of the screen to give you another chance. If you completed the sentence correctly, you are prompted to record the sentence. This is probably my favorite part of the app!! This is a great opportunity to tie articulation into a language activity!! And, I have found that kids love recording their own voice! Also built into the app is a lesson on how to create a grammatically correct sentence. If you choose lesson, you will hear a short lesson on who, what, where, and why and see a screen that looks like this:
As if this app didn't include enough good stuff, they added in a little student motivation! After a set amount of correct responses, students earn puzzle pieces that come together to make one big picture. This is great motivation when students are ready to change apps, but you aren't finished getting your data points yet. You can show them they only need 2 more puzzle pieces to complete their picture! (Hey, it's the little things that motivate most students!) I used this app today with one of my first grade students and she loved it! When I asked her what she liked best about the app, she said the silly pictures! 

What I love about Rainbow sentences:
- Engaging app with colorful pictures
- Real voice recordings, it does not sound robotic!
- Able to target who, what, where, and why (almost always on IEP's!)
- Articulation goals can be addressed with this app
- This app allows multiple attempts to create sentences with repetition 
- The app allows students to see the sentence, touch the words, hear the sentence, and say the sentence (targets different senses which helps promote deeper learning!)
- Student profiles allow you to keep track of performance reports, stores recordings, and email data for each individual student. 

Rainbow Sentences sells for $7.99 in the iTunes store.  Or you can try to win a copy below! 


  1. I've got lots of students with goals for grammatically correct sentences, both written and in speaking...I think this app is a great way to elicit the correct spoken grammar, and also reinforce what it looks like written as well!!

  2. This app could be adapted to target SO many goals!! Anything from Language goals to Artic goals at the sentence level! I've been looking at the app in the app store, I would love to win it for my elementary kiddos!!

  3. I have been looking at this app for a while. I have a lot of kids who are working on subject+verb agreement which I think this would be really helpful for.

  4. I have many students with verbal and written sentence formulation goals. This app would help target parts of speech, grammar, and including wh info in sentence formulation (making sentences interesting). Looks like a very versatile app!

  5. I need to add some variety to my speech sessions and this would be great to target many goals!

  6. I would use this to work on formulating longer, complete sentences, as well as many grammar goals.

  7. I could use this app to target several things including articulation, expressive language, and grammar.

  8. I have a TON of students working on grammatically correct sentences! This would help a ton!

  9. Grammar, sentence construction, artic, and fluency!

  10. Anything that targets grammar is great!!!

  11. This would be fantastic to target all kinds of grammar, 'wh' questions, actions, and articulation. It looks very versatile and seems like it would be interesting for many age levels.


  12. This app looks great! What an engaging way to target grammar, expanding language, wh questions and artic! Love an app that can target multiple goals at once!

  13. I've been wanting this one! Perfect to target syntax!

  14. I would use this to increase MLU, improve syntactic structures, reinforce generalization of articulation targets, answer wh questions, attend to task, encourage verbalization, etc, etc, It looks great... Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  15. I could use this app to target expanding MLU, forming grammatically correct sentences, eliciting more complex sentence structures, eliciting describing words, subject-verb agreement, articulation, and fluency - WOW!


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