Thursday, January 12, 2012
Visuals have become a huge part of my daily therapy life. From behavior charts to schedules and everything in between, visuals help make my student's lives (and my life) easier. I recently made a visual schedule for a preschool student that I wanted to share. The student I created this for is language impaired, has behavior issues, and has trouble with transitions.

The first thing I did was create a board on Boardmaker. Some examples of what I used on this board was circle time, outside play, speech with Mrs. Kristin :), trains (he is obsessed!), snack, nap time, lunch, computers, etc. After the board was printed, I laminated the sheet and a file folder. Then I cut out the pieces into individual squares.

Then I took the foler, closed it up, and stapled it closed on 2 sides to make a pocket. The pocket is where I keep the square pieces when they are not being used. I also attached a strip of velcro to the board for the pieces to stick. Since schedules are always changing, this make it easy to adjust.

Now he has his visual schedule ready to go! Since it is velcroed, you can used as many pictures at a time as necessary. Even just using 2 at a time to show him, "First play with the trains, then clean up." or "First speech with Mrs. Kristin then snack time." helps eliminate the stress during transitions. My hope is that there will be less screaming and crying when I have to take him away from a desired activity! Have a wonderful Friday eve!! :)

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