Quick and Easy Therapy Games!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Are you looking for some quick and easy to make therapy activities? (Silly question, who isn't?!)  I have some games in my old bag of tricks that I often use. I learned about these while in my internship and I frequently make more! The photos I have below are of games I used from copying shape templates. The Ellison Die Cut Machine at work also works great for cutting out shapes.  I made some copies, colored, laminated, cut, wrote some points on the back and BAM! therapy game completed! I use these games mostly with my artic kids. I have them practice a target 3times, then they choose a piece from the pile. At the end, the kids add up their points or  count how many pieces they acquired during the game. They love these silly games and I get a lot of opportunities for speech productions.
This is my outerspace game! I start with all the pieces colored side up. The kids take turns practicing their speech and choosing a shape. Some have points written on the back and some have messages written on them (extra turn, loose a turn, etc). 

This is my latest game... the Ice Cream game!. Instead of just writing points, extra turn, or lose a turn... I got a little more creative! I added "do the chicken dance," "hop on 1 foot for 10 seconds," "sing your favorite song," and a few other silly tasks.

These games are great for incorporating a theme. When preK was doing their Under the Sea unit, I used fish, jellyfish, and starfish shapes. I put messages on the back like, "Name 3 animals that live in the water," "What do fish eat?" etc).

Have fun with these and enjoy!! And of course... if you have any fun, quick and easy therapy games, please share!!


  1. You are the best! Love you girl!

  2. My kiddos love to play camping trip. We play when we have just a few minutes. I also play with some of my small groups and ELL kiddos. I have a set of cards and they have to tell me which item we CANNOT bring on the camping trip and why. We practice learning new vocabulary, using sentence stems, and building categories.

    I am working on some more "brain flippers" this summer and would love to share them with you and get your feedback. =)

    Blessings to you sweet Kristin!

    Heather's Heart


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