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Monday, January 23, 2012
That song jumped in my head as I was thinking about writing this post! With our baby girl on the way, I go on maternity leave in 11 weeks. I am thrilled about the fact that I get to spend 4 whole months at home with my baby before the next school year begins. With that being said.... how in the world do I prepare for a substitute to take over my other "children"? Being a school based SLP, I have not had to make sub plans or anything like that before. I don't feel like I am handing over a caseload, I feel as if I am handing over a delicate package containing incredibly precious cargo. Each child has special needs and certain "do's and don'ts" that can severely affect a session.  (Don't ever touch Ashley's head, if you want David to participate, you have to sing a song first, etc). I'm sure that the substitute chosen to take my place will be fabulous... all of us SLP's are :) But it still makes me nervous. If anyone has had to do this, and has advice... please leave me a comment.

On a brighter note... I have reached over 40 followers!! Thank you so much for everyone who reads my blog. Have a wonderful night... yay we made it through Monday! :)


  1. This is my first year as an SLP, but I was a classroom teacher for 10. I have 2 children and both times had to prepare sub plans. My first piece of advice is to begin now. I actually went into labor at school while working on my sub plans. I calmly asked the secretary to get a sub for me and then in a panic tried to finish 10 weeks of sub plans. My wonderful principal came to my class, gathered all my belongings, escorted me to my car, hugged me, and gave me wonderful advice, "Enjoy! Don't worry about this place, we are all professionals." And that is what I did.

    Looking back, what worked for me was laying out weekly objectives/goals for my classrooms. I didn't plan everything, just gave the sub a road map. I trusted that the person there would be a professional and use what I gave them, but would also seek advice when needed. With my first child, I was able to participate in the selection process for the sub (which eased my mind tremendously). Because we found her so early she was able to spend a week shadowing me, getting to know the kids, and the kids felt more comfortable with her as well.

    I love my students. I loved them when they were mine in a classroom all day, and I love them now, when I only get them 1 hour a week with them. It's tough letting go and trusting that someone else will love them as much as you do. That's part of what makes us great SLP's/Teachers.
    Good luck and blessings in thts new chapter of your life.

  2. It's really stressful planning for maternity leave! I've done it twice now and the second time was just as hard as the first. Start planning now! My daughter was 2 weeks early and I wasn't finished with everything :( First, I typed up a list of passwords and codes my sub would need and left it where she could find it. I left a pretty detailed schedule with classroom numbers and a map of the school (it's huge). Each student's session note page has their goals printed on them, so the sub would be able to know what they were working on. Then I just left the sub with what types of games/activities my groups were used to as well as a description of my behavior management system. I was able to move all of my ARDs up so there weren't any for my sub to do (which was a big relief!) No matter what, you'll forget something. Just know that everyone will survive and they will be super happy when you return! Good luck :)


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