My New Favorite App!

Sunday, January 8, 2012
Just like many of you, over the last year the iPad has become my new best friend in therapy! One thing that I have found really helpful is the video camera. During the first week of school, I video taped my kiddos telling me about their summer. I now use this footage to see progress made with articualtion. (It's also a good reminder when I feel we haven't made much progress). The video tapes are a great tool to use with parents to show them how much their kids have progressed during IEP meetings. This is also a good tool to use with students that are a little bit older. They can watch themselves and critique their own speech. Many kids don't think they say their sounds wrong. Being able to hear and watch themselves has been helpful for therapy progression.

I am always looking for new articulation apps. My new favorite is Articulation Station! This app was created by Heidi over at Mommy Speech Therapy (a blog I LOVE).  This app is great because it allows you to customize it. It is a free download that comes with targets for the /p/ sound. From there, you can choose what sounds to download for a price (most around $5). This way you aren't paying $50 for an app when you only need /s/, /r/ and /l/ sounds!

Articulation Station comes with singe word targets, sentences, and stories. It also has a concentration game you can play (my kids love this!)
Single word targets

Sentence Level

Story Level

Concentration Game

One last thing I like about this app it it allows you to data track students scores in the app. You can have them emailed to you or store them on the app!  I hope you find this app as fun and useful as I have. If there are any apps you are loving right now... please share! :)


  1. It's my absolute favorite app right now, too! The kids really don't seem to get sick of it, and I love pulling out for the last 5-10 minutes of a session to really get some good data points. Love your blog---thanks for the inspiration!

  2. My kids love the app. Who doesn't want to play on an iPad instead of the same old articulation cards?? They especially like recording their voice and listening back for errors.


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