Short Term Memory

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Short term memory difficulties can have a major impact on your daily life. Students that struggle with short term memory skills struggle in school as well. I have a few students this year that truly struggle with this. I was looking up some drills and activities to do with these students and thought I would share some ideas!

1. Journey Game: take the students on a little trip around the school. Make stops at the cafe, library, nurses's office, etc. Make a point of saying, "our first stop is ___," our second stop is ___" etc. After you have completed your journey, have the students retrace the steps. Depending on the age of the student and severity, maybe just start with 2-3 locations.

2. Packing Game- this is often referred to as the picnic game. Have your students take turns adding something to the suitcase. Students have to remember what was packed before their item and add one to the suitcase. Using an actual suitcase (or box) with items can be really helpful for those visual learners.
"I'm going on a trip and I am bringing my swim suit."
"I am going on a trip and I am bringing my swimsuit and my dress."
"I am going on a trip and I am bringing my swimsuit, my dress, and my camera."

3. Use colored blocks and arrange them in an order. Let the student look at the blocks for a time period (minute, 30 seconds) then take them away. Have the student rebuild your block arrangement.

4. Draw a shape, letter, object in the sand. Let the student look at the drawing for a period of time before you earase the drawing in the sand. Let them draw what you drew.

5. Read a grocery list (or list of anything!) to the students. Have them repeat back what was on your list. This is good for auditory memory.

6. Good ole concentration! I play concentration with my kids all the time. If you are unfamiliar with concentration, lay out cards that have a match face down on a table. Have the students take turns flipping over 2 at a time. If it is a match,  they keep the cards, if not they put the cards back where they were. The students have to remember where the cards were to get more matches.

I hope you find this helpful... any other ideas are welcomed!

PS- today is a very exciting day.... we find out if our little one is a boy or a girl!!

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