We Are Thankful Turkeys!

Monday, November 28, 2011
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! It was a much needed break, and to think, only 3 weeks until our next one! I didn't get a chance to post our adorable Thankful Turkeys we made the week before break, so I'll do it now!

I saw this on Pinterest and almost laughed out loud... it's so true. We put our own twist on the "hand" turkeys.

I used this activity as more of a social language activity. I was going to make my articulation kids write things they are thankful for with their target sounds, but changed my mind. I let them be creative. We had some great discussions about what it means to be thankful and how you can be thankful for people, places, things, etc. 

This was my sample turkey. To make her, yes it is a her, I traced the bottom of a coffee can for the brown circle. For the turkey head, I free handed a somewhat peanut shape. I cut orange triangles for the beak and of course added googly eyes! For the feathers (and the sake of time) I traced and precut my hands in different colors. When you only have a 30 minute session, you don't want to waste valuable language time on tracing and cutting. Classroom teachers may want to let the kids trace their own hands..... OR you could collaborate with the OT and have them do the tracing and cutting during occupational therapy :) You may notice my feathers do not have what I am thankful for on them. I have a truckload of things to be thankful for this year, but I didn't want the kids to get stuck on my ideas. I wanted them to come up with their own ideas. 

 Working hard on her turkey!

I love the drawings! This little one drew his sister!

Our Thankful Turkey bulletin board!

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