It's a..... CELEBRATION!

Sunday, December 11, 2011
WARNING: This post is going to be completely un-speech related! But I just had to share anyways! This weekend was so special for our family. Kevin and I found out last Tuesday the gender of our little jellybean! So, Saturday (after 4 long days of secrecy!) we threw a revealing party for our family and friends to share the news. We filled a box with balloons to release at the party (Pinterest inspired, of course!). If pink balloons were released, it was a girl, blue balloons meant it was a boy. Here are some highlights from the big day!

Grandpa Karl taking "pink or blue" bets!

My sister, Katie, on iChat from NY joining in!

Bringing the box outside for the big reveal... what's inside? Pink or Blue?

Family and friends awaiting the news! All holding their pink or blue spoons!

Grandpa Cummings with his blue spoon!

It's a.....


Pink balloons!

Hugs from MeMe!

Hugs from Grandma!

It was such a special and exciting way to share the big news with our family! So of course, today we started shopping for adorable pink outfits! Baby girl clothes are just too stinkin' cute!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend... stay tuned this week to see our Elves of Gulfport! 

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  1. Oh my goodness ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your new baby girl on the way! SO exciting!!!


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