Meet the Elves of Gulfport Elementary!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
I was feeling a little like the Grinch this year without any Christmas decorations up and all around the speech room. I came up with an idea of creating the Elves of Gulfport as a fun and colorful activity for my students.
Our Gulfport Elves bulletin board

 To make the Elves, I cut out a circle for the face, a square for the body, a triangle for the hat, a oval for the fuzzy part of the hat, and rectangles for the arms and legs. This originally was going to be an activity for my preK and kindergarten students to help them learn colors and shapes. Then I got a little more creative and figured these Elves needef some personality!! I made a half sheet of paper with fill in the blank information about the elves. The paper says:

Hi! I am an elf!
My name is ___________.
I am ______ years old.
My favorite food is _____.
My favorite book is _____.
I like to ______.

Some of my students got super creative!! Check out some of our **Celebrity Elves!**

The Hulk Elf

Nicki Minaj Elf

Even with Christmas and the holidays coming up, I wanted to do activities that are still academically relevant. This activity can target making predictions, categorization, shapes, colors, requesting ("I want a green square please"), articulation (have them read aloud their answers to share), and social language.

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