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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
A key component to a students' success in learning and reaching goals is behavior management. It's pretty close to impossible for a child to learn while they are yelling, screaming, and throwing a tantrum. Over the past 8 years I have paid close attention to fellow educators and their methods for maintaining positive behavior in their classrooms. I've spent countless hours on Pinterest perusing for the perfect method to the madness! In 2012 I became a mom and paid even more attention to strategies and ideas that I could use at home to encourage positive behavior. 
The end result has been treasure box, Brag Tags, clip charts, stickers, Class DoJo... you name it, I have tried it. They all have done the trick for a while, but the excitement eventually fades away. The one thing I have started looking for is a strategy that is highly motivating. Kids like things they can touch. They want to earn something they can hold, not just a green dot in their agenda for the day.
I recently learned about Loops Bracelets on social media and was eager to give them a try. They seemed to fit the description I was looking for: something tangible that was highly motivating and fun! If you haven't heard of Loops Bracelets, they are cool, affordable bracelets made from a soft material that is both water proof and tear resistant. I have had mine on for almost a week and it has withheld showers, giving the kids baths, and the little guy tugging on it! The bracelets come in a variety of colors and designs. How fun would these be to trade after you earned one (or 7!) for awesome behavior and meeting your goals in therapy?! 
Kenzie, my 4 year old going on 16, was super excited when my package of Loops came in the mail. I have been using them to reward positive behavior at home with her over the past week and I can tell you first hand, they are highly motivating! She even went to dance class last night excited to show off her new "paper bracelets" to all her friends! 
You can check out all the designs and learn more about Loops Bracelets by visiting their website, here. But guess what!? The amazing people from Loops want to give some of these fabulous bracelets to some of you! Go hop over to Instagram today (@simply_speech) for a chance to win! 
Contest ends Thursday, January 19, 2017!
Disclaimer: Loops Bracelets did provide me with a sample of the product in an exchange for a blog review, however, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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