Pin of the Week: Veterans Day Craftivity!

Monday, November 9, 2015
Veterans Day is on Wednesday! Do you celebrate this holiday with your students? Both my dad and my father in law served in the military so this holiday is very special to my family. I wanted to do a fun activity with Kenzie to honor the holiday, so of course I went to Pinterest for a little inspiration. I found this pin by B-Inspired Mama!
Handprint crafts are fun. We made butterflies out of Kenzie's footprints and flowers out of her hands and decorated flower pots for Mother's Day gifts. When I saw the handprint flag, I knew she would enjoy it. This is a very simple craft with just a few materials necessary. Besides the potentially messy factor with the painted hands, this is a great activity to do in school or at home.
Here is what you need:
- Paint (red, white, blue)
- Paint brush
- White Card stock paper
- Blue construction paper

Here is what you do:
- I printed "God Bless America" on the card stock first. Happy Veterans Day or Thank You For Your Service would also be a good option if your were going to give this as a gift. (I used KG font, Always a Good Time incase you were wondering!)
- Paint your child's hand to look like a flag. Make the blue square on the palm of the hand near the wrist but away from the thumb (see the photo below)
- Press the child's hand onto the blue construction paper.
- Cut the handprint out and glue it onto the card stock.
Ta Da! That's it!
Have a wonderful Veterans Day! 
If you're local, this pin will be featured on Galye's Guide to Pinterest on Wednesday, November 11th! Check us out on Channel 8 at 5:45 :)

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