Object Function Interactive Placemats!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Labeling and identifying objects is something we teach constantly. 
"What is this called?" "Where's the cup?" 
It's second nature to some people to just ask these questions to our little ones about common objects. But how many of your kids know what each object is used for? Object function and use is just as important as knowing what the item is called. 
I created these Object Function Interactive Placemats for one of my students, but I also use it with my daughter. This packet contains 16 object placemats with matching function cards. To use this, print out all of the object placemats and 2 pages of function cards. I like to cut out the individual cards on one of the pages, then velcro them to the second matching page to keep it organized. These can be presented one at a time, or put together like a book with binder rings (as shown in my photos)
 Present the object placemats one at a time. Have your child search the function card page for the correct card to complete the sentence. For some kids, the entire page may be overwhelming. You can present a 2-3 cards at a time if that better suits your child. After they found the correct function, have them read or imitate the sentence.
"I write with a pencil."
This is a fun, hands on way to teach object function! You can download a copy in my Teacher Pay Teachers store, here.

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