Why You Should Encourage Boys to Play with Dolls

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
I am so thankful for the fact that I have been blessed with both a son and a daughter. I get to see them both grow and learn- oh so differently! Even though they are both raised in the same house, with the same parents, they are both very different people. It always amazes me how boys are often naturally drawn to cars, trucks, and the rough & tough tumble play. And little girls adore taking care of baby dolls and playing dress up. Now don't get me wrong, Kenzie loves her share of super heroes, tickle fights, and car races, but why is it looked at so wrong when boys want to play with dolls? 
When Kameron was 6 months old he carried around Kenzie's Sophia the First doll everywhere we went. Strangers always complemented us on how cute our little 'girl' was. Now wait a minute. Kameron was dressed in blues, baseball t-shirts, and looked as boy as they come, but because he was holding a doll, everyone assumed he was a girl. 
There is such a stigma that comes with boys and dolls. When the topic arises in conversations at the park, birthday parties, or the ever-so opinionated parenting groups on Facebook you hear thing like, 
"Boys play with trucks and guns, not baby dolls." 
"My son isn't a sissy."
 "Dolls are girl toys!" 
"I won't let my son play with dolls." 
 But guys, there is so much good that can come from allowing your son to play with dolls! By doing so, they learn how to display caring and comforting behaviors. My son loves playing with his sister's doll, Bella. He feeds Bella and puts her to bed... always with a kiss! That's the making of a good husband and caring daddy one day if you ask me! But even beyond that, we can use these moments to teach and enhance language skills. Identifying body parts, labeling clothing, following directions, teaching verbs, and understanding emotions. 
 Playing with a doll allows for role playing and imagination! Pretend play is all about allowing children to act out what they will one day do as adults. So let him play! One day he may be a father or in an occupation that cares for children, like a doctor, an educator, or maybe even a speech therapist (I couldn't resist!)
So I will gladly take the risk of my son looking "girly" if that means it will help him expand his imagination, increase his language skills, and enjoy playing with his sister. Even better, it may help him become a kind, compassionate, caring person! 

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