Speech Therapy Visual Jewelry Product Review

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
As speech language pathologists, visuals are something that we use on a daily basis. Our bags are loaded up with binders and rings of visual schedules and picture prompts. I've always wondered if there was an easier way to carry all of these things around. Then Lisa Street comes into my life. This brilliant woman created visual jewelry for speech therapy. And I am not talking picture cards on a yarn necklace. This is super cute jewelry that actually blends in quite well with my Alex and Ani bangles I load my wrists up with each morning.
You can find these bracelets in Lisa's TpT store here. Each behavior bracelet includes 4 double sided charms that include visuals for: sit, stop, quiet mouth, quiet hands, done, wait, help, and more.  You are able to request specific visuals for your bracelet for an additional cost. The symbols are removable so you can add your own visuals if you would like to.
 These bracelets have been perfect visuals for my students. I haven't had to dig through a giant ring of pictures when I quickly need a visual, they are right at my fingertips. This would be ideal for school based therapists when walking kids to and from class. In fact, I know a few parents that would probably get a ton of use out of these with their own children when they are out and about.
In addition to these bracelets, Lisa also offers different styles of jewelry that can target different goals. She has charms for Wh-questions and sliding charms with numbers. I can imagine using that for data collection or to help visually count articulation repetitions before a turn in a game. You can check out all of the visual jewelry she has to offer in her store, here.  Bravo Lisa, these are incredible! I am keeping these in mind as gifts for coworkers!
Lisa did send me a bracelet in exchange for a blog review. However, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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