A New Website for Clinical Fellows is on the Way!

Friday, February 26, 2016
I completed my clinical fellowship about 7 years ago. I was right out of grad school and thinking I had all the answers. Then I started my first real job as a speech language pathologist and started feeling a little lost. I knew what to do with the students I was working with, but how was I supposed to go about getting my license and certified by ASHA? What paperwork was I supposed to complete and when? Where was my trusted graduate counselor to hold my hand through the process? Your CF can be an overwhelming experience to say the least.

I am beyond excited to introduce you all to this fantastic new resource that I am so happy to be a part of. ClinicalFellowship.org is a brand new website that is scheduled to launch at the beginning of March. This website was designed to be a hub of information for graduate students, new grads, and clinical fellows starting their career in the field of speech language pathology. 
When you log into ClinicalFellowship.org, you will be given access to numerous short videos that will help you with all kinds of questions from:
 what is a clinical fellowship?
 what does it mean to be certified by ASHA?
what do you need to begin practicing?
how do I apply for certification?
 how do I choose a setting and a mentor?
your resume
your first job
… just to name a few! 
Where was this when I was in grad school?!
Before the website officially launches, I want to introduce you to the team. Gary Adams is the founder of ClinicalFellowship.org. He is an incredible caring, motivated, and driven SLP. He is also a fellow graduate from The University of Central Florida! Jourdan Saunders is also an SLP and the author of the  website, FutureSLPs.com Last but not least, yours truly!
 Last weekend, Gary, Jourdan, and I met in Orlando and filmed this online class. We worked incredibly hard to bring you the most comprehensive and informative website that will help you (or your students) make the most of your clinical fellowship experience. Of course we had a little fun, too!
 I cannot wait to introduce you to this website very soon. Stay tuned for a launch date, more information, and giveaways! Enjoy your Friday!


  1. This looks like such a great resource! I'm graduating in May so I could use the help ASAP! Thanks Kristin!

    1. This will be a fantastic resource!! It goes live tomorrow, March 1st! Make sure you check it out! Registration is free until April 30 :)

  2. Such a great idea! I can't wait to see the videos1


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