Nutrition Thematic Unit!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
As much as I loved being on maternity leave and home all day long with my babies, it feels good to be back working a bit. SInce school is back in session, I have been trying to include as much school curriculum (letter of the week, sight words, spelling words, themes, etc) into my speech sessions. A few weeks ago one of my preschool students was working on a nutrition theme so of course I had to make a speech and language unit to go with it!
The student I made this unit for is working on pronouns, negatives, expanding utterances, and vocabulary. So all of the activities included in this packet target those goals, plus many more. The picture below is of the Healthy Henry activity. This includes large pictures of food from each food group, a large happy face (Henry), and a large garbage can. I attached them with velcro to formula cans but paper bags or even just laying the face/grabage can on the table would work too. The idea of this activity is to sort the foods into healthy, happy foods and garbage "junk" food categories.
Pronouns seem to be a common goal lately. I included an activity that includes one boy picture, one girl picture, and two kids together. This activity targets the pronouns he/him, she/her, and they/them. Give your students directions that include pronouns, such as: "Give the apple to him." to target receptive pronouns. You can also flip it to an expressive activity and have the child tell you, "She wants cheese." or "They are eating yogurt and nuts." It's purposely left pretty open ended so you can use it as you need.
For this particular student, we aren't to the pronouns yet, we are still working on boys vs. girls. When the sorting motivation was low, I brought in some royal back up! We used the large pictures from the Healthy Henry activity and gave them to her prince and princess dolls. Worked like a charm :)
Also included in this packet is food group posters, a food group sorting activity, short stories with comprehension questions similar to my Say What activities), and a healthy plate craftivity. I had a lot of fun with this unit and I think my student did too. The teachers I work with were thrilled to have this unit to add to their lesson plans! You can download a copy of this activity in my TpT store here!


  1. Hi Kristin,
    I am a big fan of your materials and products on TPT. I have several of your smash mats, your rhyming mat, verb flash cards, and negation picture cards! :) I am a new SLP and just recently finished my CF. I was wondering how you go about teaching pronouns to your kiddos. I have your pronoun smash mat but it was a bit too difficult for my kid the other day so I tried something different. Just wondering if you had any suggestions! Thanks!

    1. Hi Amber! I love using toys to teach about pronouns to young kids… princess/prince figures, Mr & Mrs Potato head, etc. I'll do a post on this soon, thanks for the idea and thanks for your support. So glad to hear you are loving the activities!


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