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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Appy Thursday! I am happy to share another fabulous app from Virtual Speech Center! I am always amazed by how creative and interactive app creators are. This app is no exception.
 This app was created by a fellow SLP (so you know it's got to be fabulous!) for adults and children who exhibit Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Auditory Processing Studio is filled with auditory discrimination, auditory closure, and phonological awareness activities.  Below is a screen shot of some of the activities available. 
Some examples of activities are: 
-same vs. different consonant minimal pairs
-save vs. different vowel minimal pairs
-picture identification
-identifying presence of a sound
-identifying nonsense words in sentences
-identifying and/or generating rhymes
-blending syllables/ phonemes 
-syllable/phoneme addition and deletion
-generating missing words in sentences
-generating missing phonemes
....just to name a few!
To get started, you first enter your students' names. This allows for data collection. Then you choose from the list of activities, which activities you want to target for the individual student.
After you are all set up, the students are presented with auditory activities. The screen shot below is of an auditory discrimination task. The student listens to a word and decided if a target phoneme is present in the word. The student chooses Yes or No. If they choose correctly, they earn a drum. 
After the student earns 5 drums.... the student is able to play the instruments! My oh my, this part is definitely a favorite of my younger students! The kiddos are free for a jam session!
Another bonus is that this app allows students to record their responses. This way you can incorporate articulation goals into these auditory tasks. 
Try to win a copy below!


  1. I work on auditory closure and auditory figure-ground activities and think this app would be great!

  2. This app looks great but one of the expensive ones to purchase personally for the public schools that don't provide iPads to their therapists. Would love to win it-so many CAP kids on my caseload!

  3. This app looks fabulous! Lots of different activities for a variety of student needs. I was definitely considering buying it...until I saw the price! Spendy....but I'll still consider it. :)

  4. This app looks great. I work on auditory discrimination, auditory comp, and auditory reasoning.

  5. This app looks great! This would be a great way for me to help my self-contained students with their speech goals during class.

  6. This app looks very interesting and targets a lot of goals. I find that I target auditory discrimination and comprehension a lot.


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