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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Goodbye fishbowl, I am officially in a committed relationship with a new behavior management system. I am beyond thrilled that I learned about ClassDojo! A few weeks ago our behavior coach sent the link out to our entire staff and I just got a chance to really check it out this week. ClassDojo is a program that you can use from your iPad or laptop to motivate and monitor behavior. The program allows you to share the information with teachers, administrators, and parents. Your entire school can actually be signed up and share data. Then parents can log on and see how their child is doing in class.
Now I have not officially started this program with my kids yet, although other teachers at my school have and love it. I have set up my ClassDojo and am pumped it start it with my kids after Spring Break.
Instead of creating one giant class, I divided them up into grade level. I only created classes for my pull out kids at this point. After you create a class, you add the students into your class. They each get assigned a super cute little monster! 

The screenshot above is what the program looks like once you go into one of your classes. This is my First Grade Speech class. In addition to creating your own class, you also get to determine what behaviors you want to monitor. The positive behaviors I chose to use are: teamwork, homework, helping others, participation, hard work, and on task. The negative behaviors include: disrespectful, no homework, off task, unprepared, and out of seat (that seems to be a frequent behavior lately so I made sure to add that one!) You can choose different behaviors to monitor for each class. For example, my PreK behaviors are a little different than my 2nd grade behaviors. The students get +1 point for each positive behavior and -1 point for each negative behavior they demonstrate. (Can you see, I have 5 points!) All you have to do is touch the student's name then touch the behavior and ClassDojo adds or subtracts points. Oh yeah, did I mention that it's FREE?!

I am sure I will make some changes as I begin implementing this system with my students, but I am thinking maybe offering a treat once the students earn 50 points. For some kids, points alone are enough of a motivator. What do you think about this program? Stay tuned in the next few weeks to see how it is working for me!


  1. I've used it for a few groups! Especially groups where the class already uses it and they are extra motivated by it. The main prob. is that I use my ipad SO much for artic groups that I can't have it out and easily accessible, so I end up remembering who earned and lost what, and that gets to be a hassle! Hope your kiddos love it!

  2. This is really interesting. I'm excited to hear how it turns out.

  3. This looks great! However, I agree with Jenna that I use my iPad for taking other data so much that it wouldn't be that easy. Is is on a PC or iPhone, also, by chance?

    1. Yes you actually have to set it up on your PC. There is a way to link it to your phone too but I haven't gotten that far yet....

  4. I am downloading this as I planning on introducing it to my special ed. team today. I think 1 or 2 classroom teachers are already using it at our school. But I think it will be great for SLP and sp.ed. If we like it, we may do an inservice for the rest of the staff and try to get them on board. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kristin,
    Thank you so much for turning me on to this awesome program!! I made an account and set up my classes (it was so easy!) the ONLY reason I'm looking forward to Spring Break being over is so that I can start this with my kiddos! I think they will love it and it will keep me from having to pester them- they'll just get a quick visual to know what they did right or wrong. I think the special ed. teachers I work with will love it, too! So glad we were able to jump on board while it's free :))) thanks for sharing
    from putting words in your mouth :)

  6. Thanks for the great idea. Can't wait to try this!

  7. How do you deal with confidentiality issues?

  8. Class Dojo is great for parent communication. I use it to reminder parents of meetings.


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