New Year, New Data Sheets!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Yes, here we go again! I feel like I am constantly trying to reinvent the wheel with data sheets that are functional and useful for me. At last, I think  I may have done it this time! I have found that I don't use the data sheets that have the spaces for +/- or tally marks like they show you how to use in grad school. I have tried, but it doesn't always work out. In all honesty, I print out a new copy of my schedule/lesson plans each week and mark them up

That kind of madness works well for me.... until it comes time for IEP updates, progress notes, etc. So I have created two new data sheets that are really working for me. Maybe they will work for you too... check them out:
The first one I created is a Speech Running Record. I use this sheet for my articulation kids. Since I was keeping my +/- on my lesson plans, I figured what's the point of transferring all the +'s and -'s to a new data sheet? I wanted all my articulation data in one place where I could see progress. With this running record I can see Jacob's /s/ sounds go from 40% January 4th to 80% on February 4th (hey, a girl can dream, right?)
Below is a picture of my Running Record put to use!

I call this little gem my IEP Friendly Data Sheet! I know all IEP's are different in each county, but in ours, you are required to fill out the student's strengths and present levels before you list your goal. The idea for this sheet came to me one day while taking observational notes in my preK class. I was noting ideas for future goals for a student and then thinking to myself, will I remember this when his IEP is due? Viola! The birth of the IEP Friendly Data Sheet! This can be used as daily progress notes, but a little more organized.  Click here to download a copy for yourself!

Let me know your thoughts on these sheets. Anyone else as crazy as me and try to revamp everything half way through the year?


  1. I am as crazy as you! I have been completely redoing my schedule this week. I have acquired 5 new students on my caseload in the last two weeks and am trying to switch most of my artic kiddos to the 5 Minute Kids plan. Hopefully this new schedule will make things a little less crazy!


  2. Crazy? Yes...I have to revamp everything this month, as I've added 6 students to my caseload so far and another 3 are being added this week. Plus, I work in early intervention and have to change my place of service for several of the kids. I'm always looking for what will work better out of sheer necessity. As for using the +/- sheets, yeah, doesn't work for me at all. Never has. I can't wait to try out your data sheets tomorrow, though, they look like they just might work.

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