In My APPinion Monday: Mneemo

Monday, February 11, 2013
Happy Monday! I am back with another fabulous app review and giveaway. Mneemo is an app created by a fellow SLP and her husband. My kids had a great time playing with this app the last few weeks.
When you open Mneemo, you are brought to 4 boards that come with the app: Letter, Numbers, Animals, and Shapes.
After you choose the board you want to use, you choose how many pairs you want in your game.
Once you choose how many pairs you want to play with, you are brought to the game board. This game is a memory style game where each student takes a turn flipping over 2 cards at a time. If it's a match the cards disappear, if it is not, it flips back over. 
The coolest part of the app is that you can customize this app to your needs. You can upload your own photos based on what you are working on with your students. This would be perfect for learning new vocabulary words and concepts.

What I LOVE about this app:
- Customizable! I love, love, love that you can customize this app.
- Price! This app is only $.99.... can't beat that!
- Fun! The kids have a great time using this app while they are learning.
- Repetition! Since this is a memory type game, the children are exposed to the pictures multiple times. Repetition is key for most of our kids and learning new concepts.
- Easy to use! This app was very easy for myself and the students to use.
- Last but not least, I love that this app was created by a fellow SLP :)

What I would change about this app:
 - I would only change 1 thing about this app: once the 2 cards are selected in a turn, that they do not flip back over until you choose a new card. While playing the game, I always talk with my students and have them tell me what object they flipped over. Once the turn is over, it flips back too quickly.

Mneemo sells for $.99 in the iTunes store. Click here to check it out, or enter below to win 1 of 3 copies!

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  1. I think I would make a prepositions board or maybe even a he is/ she is .... board. So many possibilities!

  2. The winners are always posted on the simply speech Facebook page. The winners were: Carly, phoebe, and Gia. Stay tuned, new app review coming soon! I was out sick this week with my daughter so not much new on the blog this week.


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