How I Use Silent Videos in Speech & Language Therapy

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Sometimes I get in a  major rut with therapy goals. There's only a certain number of ways and a certain number of times that you can target a goal before it gets mundane. Tell me I am not alone here. Recently I have been using silent videos to target multiple goals with my students. They have been super receptive to this activity. We have been able to target the same goals but with a fresh new look.
First and foremost, kids love using technology. So anytime I pull out the iPad, I'm pretty much the coolest SLP on the planet. Lately I have been using silent videos on YouTube (search silent videos for kids- one of my favorites is called Pigeons!) but you can turn the sound off on any video and this concept will work just fine.  Before we start, I tell my student(s) that we are going to watch the video one time without writing anything down. Then we watch it a second time and I let them take notes. From there, I usually have the kids write a summary of the video. This activity has allowed me to target so many goals.
Here are a few examples:
-Inferring characters emotions and thoughts
-Grammar & spelling 
-Story sequencing
-Story grammar
-Articulation (have your students read his/her story out loud!)
-Memory skills

And those are just skills my students are working on. I'm sure you can find more uses for this activity. This is a fun activity that may put a new spin on old goals that you have been working on for months. One of the best parts, this can easily be done during 30 minute therapy sessions. Use one session to watch the videos and take notes and the next to write the summary and edit the writing.

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  1. I love doing something like this with my middle school students. What are you favorite silent videos? I am always looking for new ones.


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