Pin of the Week: No Mess Monster Finger Painting!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
The countdown to Halloween is on! I am trying to jam pack as many spooky therapy activities and craftivities into my therapy sessions as possible. The other day when I was perusing Pinterest, I came across this Mess Free Monster Painting activity by Toddler Approved. We have been on a monster kick at home lately so when I saw this I immediately pinned it with K in mind. But let's be honest, the real winner was where I saw "mess free" painting. Since it's mess free, it's a fun activity to do at home or at school.
Here's what you need:
-Large zip lock baggies (1 for each kid. I used gallon size)
-Card stock (I was out of card stock so I cut up some file folders)
-Googly eyes
-Painters tape if you want to be extra careful that the pain doesn't come out of the bag. Mine stayed in with the zip lock, but you can never be too careful!

Here's what you do:
1. Draw an outline of a monster onto the card stock. If you are not confident in your monster drawing abilities, there is a template you can download here.
2. Cut out your drawing then put the monster outline inside the baggie. 
3. Squeeze some paint into the baggie. Be pretty generous with the paint, I ended up having to re-open the bag and add more half way through to make sure we could cover the whole monster.
4. Seal the baggie up (this is where the tape comes in if you are nervous with just the baggie)
5. Let your little one finger paint the monster!
One he/she is done creating their "monster-piece" carefully take the monster out of the bag and let it dry.
Once the monster is dry, add some googly eyes (you really can't have too many!) and that's a wrap. This is a lot of fun and really is mess free! I like pairing this activity with a Halloween story but you really could do this activity any time of the year!
If you missed my post on Monster Pudding Cups, you can check it out here. Who wouldn't love some pudding after crafting?!

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