Articulation Game Show

Monday, October 6, 2014
Holy moly, it feels like forever since I have been able to get a blog post up. Between bachelorette parties, weddings, reunions, and birthdays, I have not been home on a weekend in over a month! But- I have been able to get a new activity up in my store and I want to share it with you!
It's no secret- articulation sessions can often get boring. I am constantly looking for new games or activities to tie articulation practice into. My students are very competitive and love a fun activity to do while we practice targets and work on our goals. So I came up with a fun articulation game based off a hit TV game show! The original activity that I posted over a year ago, has been one of my best sellers, so I decided to make a second edition!
This particular edition of the game targets Sh, Ch, Th, S, and R phonemes. I also have one that targets K,G,F,L that you can check out here. Each sound has a game board and questions. The student chooses a category and point value.  You then read them the question or direction for that corresponding box. The answer to each box contains a target sound. Speech practice and fun… check!
There are many different ways that you can play this game both in an individual session or in groups (although, I created this game with groups in mind.) Many therapists have told me that they enjoy sending this home as a family homework activity for carryover practice. Since using this with my after-school, private therapy kids, I have incorporated after school snacks! Jenn from Crazy Speech World shared a picture of her students with  their own copies of the game board, shading in boxes and adding up their own points! Way to go tying math into speech (although I chose speech so I didn't have to do any math! ;) You can download a copy of Articulation Game Show: Take 2 in my TpT store here, or try to win a copy below!


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