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Friday, August 22, 2014
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Behavior management. It's something that is very important yet something that can be so exhausting. You want to find something simple but engaging. Something that won't break your budget but that the kids will get excited about. I have tried many methods that have been effective. You may remember my old posts about the clip chart, Class DoJo, and my fishbowl. But they all seem to have something in common- the treasure box! In an effort to do away with the treasure box, I have created Brag Tags! Now I did not come up with this idea (who ever did is a genius!) but I have simply adapted the idea to fit into my little speech and language world. Never heard of brag tags? Oh my goodness, you must check them out!
How do they work? Each child gets a lanyard I found some for super cheap on amazon. The lanyard will be where your students add their brag tags (they will end up looking like super cool VIP passes!) When your student(s) meet a goal, demonstrate good behavior, meet an expectation, or just does something that makes you proud, you give them a brag tag to add to their lanyard. 
You can have the brag tags up for display in your speech room and/or choose a special time during the week when they get to wear their brag tags. Maybe during Fun Friday or lunch time. The kids feel proud displaying their accomplishments and you don't have to dish out money on items for the treasure box!
I created some a put them up in my TpT store if anyone else wanted to join in the brag tag fun! Here are the tags I have created so far and that are included in the packet. 
1. I am a super reader
2. I can say my /k/ sound
3. I can say my /g/ sound
4. I can say my /f/ sound
5. I can say my /v/ sound
6. I can say my /l/ sound
7. I can say my /r/ sound
8. I can say my /s/ sound
9. I can say my /z/ sound
10. I can say my "SH" sound
11. I can say my "TH" sound
12. I can say my "CH" sound
13. I am a super listener
14. I can follow directions
15. I met my goal today
16. I am 100 days smarter
17. I can be a good friend
18. 3 pages of blank cards for your students' own special achievements!! 
If you think of any other specific brag tags you would like to see added, please send me a message or comment on this post and I would be more than happy to add them in!
You can download a copy of my Speech & Language Brag Tags by clicking on the picture below. You can also enter for a chance to win a copy of my brag tags at the bottom of this post!


  1. What a cute idea! I might have to try this. :)

  2. Will definitely try it out with my kindergartener!

  3. Love the idea of not having a treasure box. It's gotten so cumbersome!

  4. This is so cute! Would love to try it with my students!!

  5. So cute! I haven't used a treasure box, just stickers. But this would be another great way to remind them WHY they earn a sticker - listening well, trying hard, and learning!

  6. I would definitely use these! I don't have a treasure box and try to reward with stickers, coloring, Ipad game, etc. I think my kiddos would love these!

  7. YES! I have been looking for a way to get rid of (or at least reduce) prizes from the prize box. I love how these will lift my students self-esteem while also giving feedback on how they are doing in my sessions to teachers, parents, and the kids themselves. Great product!

  8. This is so great! My special needs students will LOVE these!

  9. I love this idea! I'm definitely tired of spending money on treasure box items and I think that specific words of praise will be so much more valuable, anyway. thanks for sharing!

  10. Love this idea! I've been trying to phase out the prize box, too! This will help the kids be more aware of their successes too.

  11. These are such a cute idea! A lot of my students have really low self-esteem. It would be great to give them something tangible, so that they have a reminder of how great they are!
    Thanks for the chance!

  12. I love this idea! So cute, especially for the younger ones on my caseload.

  13. Yes I would! The treasure box doesn't work for everyone :0)

  14. Great idea-very motivating for kids!

  15. I would use this with my students, I think it would be motivating.

  16. These are great! I would love to try these.


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