In My APPinion: Sounds at Home by VSC

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Appy Tuesday everyone!! It is time for yet another app review! Virtual Speech Center has done it again and come up with another fun and engaging app for the little ones! 
Sounds at Home is an app that targets auditory skills for children ages 2-6.
Before we get started, let me state that Virtual Speech Center did provide me with a code for this app, however, the opinions expressed in this review are mine. 
To get started, first add your student's name.

Then, choose the targets that you want to work on during that session. The target options include: sound identification, rhyming, identifying initial & final sounds, and following directions. You can choose all areas to target or just one or two.... whatever you student needs! There is also an edit option for each area so you can choose exactly what questions the student will be prompted with.

If you choose to work on sound identification skills, you are brought to Mama Bear's living room. Here the student is presented with a sound, then asked a question such as, "What sounds like that?" The student then touches the item that he/she thinks made the sound. This task immediately made me think of a student that recently had a second cochlear implant put in... this would be a great activity for her!!
The kitchen is where we work on rhyming, identifying initial sounds, and identifying final sounds. Here, your student is prompted with a question such as, "Where can I find something that rhymes with heat?" or "Do you see something that starts with an /s/ sound?" depending on your target settings. 
The playroom is where you can work on following directions! You have the option of choosing one or two step directions with one or two elements and/or temporal directions. For example, "Put the spinning top on the chair" was one of the prompts for the picture below.
After your kiddo has finished his/her task, they are rewarded with a puzzle activity to complete!
One nice feature this app includes is the ability to email the student's goal report right from the app! Such a great way to keep parents and teachers in the loop on progress and goals!!
Sounds at Home is a great app that allows me to target many goals at one time. Since it's summer time, many of my students' parents have requested that I target kindergarten skills during therapy to help get them ready. This app makes that job easy and fun! The adorable mama bear is so inviting, that I often have kids drawn to this app before they even know what it is. 
You can download a copy of this app in the iTunes store here for only $6.99.... that's right, only $6.99! This is a more than fair price for an app that allows you to target so many skills. 
Virtual Speech Center was kind enough to provide me with an extra copy of the app so one of you can download it and love it as much as I do! Enter below for a chance to win. I will announce a winner on Saturday!


  1. My younger students would love the interactive nature of this app (and the cute graphics) all while working toward their speech-language goals!

  2. This looks like a great app. I put it on my wish list!

  3. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! My students would love this app!

  4. I'd love to try this with my students!

  5. I would love to use this app with my younger kids as I start my CFY placement in September.

  6. This looks great, what a cute way to target speech and language skills! :)


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