Data Sheets!

Monday, April 2, 2012
Happy Monday!! I have turned all 3 data sheets into google documents. See the links below to grab your copy! Google docs would not let me keep my super cute fonts when I uploaded the files, so feel free to make any changes to the documents. If someone knows how to keep the origional format, please share! :)

I also have received a few questions about how I do things in my room:
1. What do you use the composition notebooks for?
I use the notebooks for many different things. One of my goals for this year was to limit the amount of copies that I made. I use the notebooks for kids to complete activities in. We have done anything from listing out target words, making collages with pictures of objects containing a target sound,  vocabulary activities, etc. This is a good little tool for them to take with them at the end of the year and use as practice over the Summer break.

2. When you have groups with multiple grade levels, how do you organize your notebook?
Honestly, I only have two groups with mixed age levels. Both are 3 second graders and 1 first grader. So I just put them in the second grade file. I did have them separate at the beginning of the year and it became a pain. These notebooks are for my reference so with this method I know where to find them.

I am glad everyone found this data posting so helpful! Please share the love about what works for you as far as data collecting!


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