Go Away Big Green Monster!

Friday, October 26, 2012
I want the Big Green Monster to come visit my classes every year! He is so cute and I am so sad I have just learned about him this year! I actually found him by accident. I saw a Facebook post about the story app for free one day so I downloaded it. Then I found out how popular he was on Pinterest! I wanted to share with you what we have done in speech this week with the BGM!

With all groups, I used the story app to read the story aloud. With the app you have the choice to read by yourself, have the author read to you, have a child read to you, or listen to the story song (my favorite.... seriously I have been waking up singing the song all week!) The activity I did with each group depended on the grade, ability level, and goals.
 With PreK I did a following directions activity. Each student got a paper plate and monster face pieces. I then gave them instructions such as, "Find a yellow crayons and color his big eyes." After we finished the activity, we listened to the story again to make sure we made our monsters correctly!

With my kindergarten students, I did a similar activity. I also included words to make the sentence: "The Big Green Monster." The students created their monster as they listened to the story. KizClub
I found the monster face pieces here: 

My older students created a glyph based on information about themselves. 

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