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Monday, February 5, 2018
Let's chat visual cues today. Visual and verbal cues can be amazingly powerful tools to help your child reach their speech and language goals. But finding something that is engaging and that works isn't aways easy.
 I can't tell you the number of times I have hand drawn awkward pictures to help my students understand a sound. Or acted out a new vocabulary word (let me tell you, there were no Emmy awards given!) When I was working in the schools, I followed the kindergarten teachers' lead and incorporated gestures into letter names and speech sounds to give learning a multi-sensory approach. I love tying visuals and movement into my lessons because it works!
I recently learned about Bjorem Speech Sound Cue cards and have been using them in all of my articulation sessions! These cards are colorful and fun! Plus they are pocket size so they fit perfectly in my therapy bag. My students love using these and think they are fun. 
Each sound has a nickname ( the drum sound, popcorn sound, vacuum sound, mad cat sound- as shown in the video above) which gives each sound meaning. This is an important skill for children as they are learning letter sounds and how to read. 
 In addition to articulation therapy, these cards are fantastic to use when working with children with Apraxia/motor planning, phonological awareness, and literacy skills. Teachers, therapists, and parents could all use these with their children!
Bjorem Speech Sound Cue cards are recommended for children 18 months and up. This fabulous box of cards includes 22 consonants and 12 vowel cards. A picture is on the front of the card and a sound nickname and description is on the back. These cards are made from a very durable material. I carry these in my bag all over town with me and use them with children all day long.... and they are in great condition. You can purchase your own set, here! You will not be disappointed!
This post was sponsored by Bjorem Speech

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