Fronting: A Minimal Pairs Pack

Monday, May 6, 2013
One of the most common phonological processes disorders is Velar Fronting.  For those readers that are not SLP's (and those of us that are and could use a refresher!) fronting is just like it sounds: the process of producing sounds that should be produced in the back of the mouth in the front... makes sense, right? For example, a child may produce the word cup as "tup" or gate as "date." One trick that I like  love using with my students is having them lay on the floor while we practice these targets.
I created a 22 page activity that targets velar fronting. It is made up of minimal pair targets so the child can visually see and hear the difference in the two words. If the child requests tea but says key, you can show them the difference using the minimal pair. 

To use this activity, print out the cards on card stock , cut, and laminate. You can use them as flashcards or use the game board and have the students practice the target(s) before they take a turn in the game. 

Using minimal pairs is very helpful for the child to really understand the difference in what they are saying and what they mean. Most students don't realize that they are saying the word wrong. This is when pulling out your iPad and recording their productions is helpful. 
You can download a copy of Fronting: A Minimal Pairs Pack for $2.50 here or try to win a copy below!

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