Our Family Grew by Four Paws!

Monday, June 22, 2020
Friday June 19th will forever be a special day for our family. It is the day that our family grew by four paws! My kids have been asking for a dog, specifically a mini Goldendoodle, since they met our friends doodle in January. Kameron even named this future dream dog 'Chip' during our drive home from their house.
Fast forward 6 months and we finally have our perfect pup. We had been researching breeders, searching Doodle Facebook pages, and reading articles about Goldendoodles for months. From one of those Facebook groups, I made a friend named Allison. Allison  had been helping me find our "Chip." She connected me with a breeder from Texas who was so kind and loving to these pups. Chip was the only male in the litter and only one still available. 
For us, he was meant to be.
Allison also helped us find a flight nanny to get him from Texas to Florida. Who knew that was even a job?!
 After a long day of anxiously waiting, multiple missed flights, and a rollercoaster of emotions trying to keep the secret from my kids.... we had our pup in our arms at 10:30pm.

He is a tiny dog (currently only 4lbs!)  with a huge personality. He's so sweet, smart, and fun. The kids just can't get enough of him.
  Welcome to our family Chip. You are already oh so loved!

Photos by Erika Johnson Photography

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