Creative Craft Boxes!

Friday, June 7, 2019
 Summer has arrived! I am so excited to be working less and with my kids more. Summer time is such a sweet time of year for me and the kids. But, it's often difficult to keep them busy and entertained all summer. I was so excited when I learned about Creative Craft Boxes. Creative Craft Boxes were created and designed by a teacher and mom, Cristina. 
Cristina hand picks activities for these themed craft boxes, and you all know I love a good theme! The box we received was a spring theme but her July craft boxes are being released today! They are so stinking cute! You can check them out, here!
 These boxes come fully packed with all the instructions and materials needed for some creative play. My kids had so much fun creating rainbows, kites, a cloud necklace, and a spring scene.

 These activities allow for so many fun language opportunities. Since this was a spring theme box, there were lots of new spring vocabulary words we were able to talk about. In addition, you could work on requesting, descriptive words (the PlayDoh feels squishy!), following directions, sensory play, fine motor skills, and more. After all, learning through P L A Y is the best way to learn.
 These boxes would be so much fun for parents and therapists. And what a fun birthday gift would one of these boxes be?!

Make sure you follow Cristina to keep up with her new creative additions to her Etsy shop. You can find her on Instagram @creativecraftboxes!  
 Thank you Creative Craft Boxes for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Hey Kristin! I've enjoyed your content in the past, but your last 4 posts have been sponsored content...maybe try mixing it up a little more with some non-sponsored posts? :) Just a thought from a reader.


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