Inspire Reading with a Cozy Reading Nook!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Reading is such an important part of learning. I started introducing books to my kids before they were even born. I would read to them as I rocked in their empty nurseries. I read them stories before bed each night. I love when they bring books over to me and ask me to read to them. It's typically the same book over and over (and over and over and over!) again, but it's ok! They love books and I don't ever want them to lose that love.
All kids seem to eventually come to an age where it isn't "cool" to read anymore. I think mine started during the middle school years. But having a reading nook can help keep the excitement of reading alive. When kids have their own "spot" to read, they take ownership of that spot and enjoy being there.
Search Pinterest for some fun reading nook ideas, there are tons of jaw dropping ones out there! But it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just cozy. Put some pillows in a corner. Make some shelves out of plastic rain gutters or spice racks (those are really cool and on my summer to-do list!) or add a basket of books. Or in our case, we have a teepee! 
I recently learned about a family run company out of Illinois called TeePee Joy. I instantly fell in love with their teepees! You can order a pre-designed teepee or customize your own. They come with a matching blanket and set of pillows. It's so darn cute that I don't even mind having it in our living room full time! The kids are in it constantly so it is very durable! We even take ours outside sometimes. This has been the perfect little 'nook' for my kids to let their imaginations run wild!
These teepees would look adorable in a classroom (or speech room!) I so wish I had one of these while I was still working in a school. The prints are so fun and could match any bedroom or classroom decor. My kids use our teepee constantly as they pretend play or watch movies. But my favorite is when I find them quietly curled up inside, reading a book. 
You can learn more about these teepees by visiting TeePee Joy's website here: 
Get $20 off your purchase with the code: SS-$20OFF-TEEPEE
Happy reading!!

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