Let's Yapp About That App!

Saturday, March 7, 2015
One of the things that I love about being a speech blogger is that I get to test out and report on apps that are relevant to our line of work. It's no secret that iPads are a huge part of our therapy lives these days. Apps have become key tools in a lot of our therapy sessions, so why not learn more about what apps are out there? In July of 2014, Yapp Guru contacted me about becoming an "expert" app reviewer and joining their team! Haven't hear of Yapp Guru? You are missing out on a great website!
Yapp Guru is a website where other SLPs and OTs post reviews and opinions on apps. This is a great site to visit if you are debating on spending $60 on an app that you just aren't sure is worth the money. This is also a great site to go to if you are looking for an app to target a specific age group or goal. Don't stress, we have done all the work for you! They have a voting feature where you can vote on apps so your opinion counts, too! We are having a little March Madness Contest over at Yapp Guru and challenging each other to write more reviews this month. You can check out my profile and read my app reviews here!

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