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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Appy Thursday! A few days ago I posted an app review on a sequencing app by SOAR. Well, today I am back with another sequencing app, Sequencing Post Office by Virtual Speech Center.  I am super excited to share this app review with you because I am sure I am not the only one that could use some new ways to practice sequencing goals. 
Virtual Speech Center did provide me with a copy of this app, however, all opinions expressed in this app are my own. 
Let's get started!
When you first open the app, you are brought to the screen shown above. From this page, you can get information about the app, view student reports, adjust the app settings, or just get ready to play!
Once you hit start, you are prompted to add or choose the students that are working during that session. I really like the fact that this app allows for multiple players, very fitting for school based therapists. 
After you choose the students, you are then prompted to choose which activities your student(s) will complete. You can choose as many or as little as your would like out of the 65 activity options. A few examples include: making a sandwich, brushing teeth, taking a bath, playing baseball, and buying groceries. 

Once you choose your activities and hit next, you are shown pictures that are out of order for an activity. You are able to decide how many sequencing steps you want the student to compete at the top of the screen (2, 3, or 4)  The student is to drag the pictures at the bottom of the screen into the correct numbered order. If the child puts the pictures in the correct sequence order, he/she earns one stamp. 
Once enough stamps are earned, the student(s) get to play a game! A screen shot from the game is pictured above. 
Once your session is completed, the app stores your students' data for future reference. This information can also be emailed, which is great for parent and teacher communication. 
My students and I enjoyed this app. I thought it was a great way for me to both teach and assess sequencing skills. Since it's on the iPad, the kids were excited to work on this skill. They especially loved the fact that they got to play a game once they earned enough stamps. You can download this app for only $4.99 in the iTunes store here!
Thank you Virtual Speech Center for the chance to review this app!

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