Making a Splash In Speech With The Rainbow Fish!

Saturday, June 21, 2014
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I love summer! Yes, it's true... I don't get to enjoy the typical summer break anymore. But there is something about summer time that just makes therapy more fun. Maybe it's all the awesome books that have summer themes. If you missed it, make sure you check out one of my latest posts featuring some pretty Super Summer Books! This year we kicked off summer therapy with
The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
I love this story. In addition to it being a great summer book, it teaches a great lesson about friendship. What is a good book without a good craftivity or 2?!
For my kiddos working on articulation, we made Rainbow Speechie Fish. Each scale contained a target word for them to practice at home! This could easily be transitioned into a language activity where you could have the kiddos list nouns, verbs, items in a category, descriptive words, etc. on the scales. 
I used this book for 2 weeks. There is just too many good speech & language opportunities and activities to do with this book to fit it all in one week! The next week we worked on story retelling. The kids and I created a retelling jellyfish. Each tentacle (new vocabulary word!) contained something they remembered about the story. 
We also worked on rhyming, following directions, phonemic awareness, and more with my Under the Sea Thematic Unit! 
The Rainbow Fish is definitely one of my favorite summer books, what's yours?

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