Happy To Be An SLP {Blog Hop!}

Monday, May 12, 2014
Happy Monday!! I am super excited to be participating in this blog hop for Better Hearing & Speech Month! May is such an important month is our field. We get to celebrate our fellow SLPs and the students/clients that we work with every day. I am very happy to be an SLP and even more happy to share some fun facts about language development!
I think that I have grown a lot as a therapist since I have had my daughter. I get to watch her language develop and grow everyday. I often have flashbacks from grad school (without cringing!) as I can put facts to reality watching her grow. It amazes me that at only 2 years old, she is understanding a lot of things that I say, she is communicating back, putting words together, and greatly increasing her vocabulary on a daily basis. 
 In these early years, language develops rapidly. Our kids are like sponges so we should take advantage of every teachable moment possible. Did you know that by 4 years, most children can comprehend 5,600 words and use 900-1000 words expressively? 
Keep on hoppin' through these blogs to learn more fun speech & language facts AND to figure out the special message! You could with a $50, $25, or $15 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card!!



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  1. Thanks for the super fun blog hop! I find early language development to be so fascinating. It amazed me as my son was growing up how easy it was for him to learn language.



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