The Mitten- A Collection of Speech & Language Story Extension Activities!

Thursday, March 13, 2014
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Spring is (almost) in the air! Even living in Florida and not dealing with all the snow, I am sure looking forward to a beautiful spring day! However, it's still winter, so why not get some good therapy use out of another winter book?
The Mitten by Jan Brett is probably one of my favorite Winter themed books. This is definitely a go-to for me and it is used every year. This year, I created a book companion to go along with the story and address my students' goals. 
Check it out!
This book companion is intended to be used with Jan Brett’s version of the story, The Mitten. This activity pack does not contain the story and is not affiliated with the book in any way.

Pages 3-5: Vocabulary Cards
The vocabulary cards include both the word and the picture of target words and characters from the story.
Pages 6-10: Story Sequencing Mini Book
Students can illustrate a mini version of the story. Great for story retell, sequencing, articulation practice, and homework!
Page 11-14: Compare & Contrast
Have your students Compare and contrast vocabulary words and characters from the story!
Page 15: Story Scavenger Hunt
Have your students search the story for words that contain their target sound!
Pages 16-17: Prepositions
Have your students practice prepositions/ spatial skills with vocabulary from the story.
Page 18: Color the Story
Have your students work on vocabulary as they color in the pictures as they read about them in the story.
Pages 19-23: Cover The Dots!
Have your students cover the dots with chips, markers or even better- candy as they correctly practice a target word or answer a question! Also included is: Nicki, Grandma Baba, an owl, and a mitten mat!
Pages 24-26: Pronouns/Following Directions
Have your students listen to the directions as he/she gives the correct vocabulary word to the correct characters. For example, "Give the mitten to him."

My students and I had a great time reading this story and completing the activities! If you would like to download a copy of this activity you can download it from my TpT store here!

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  1. We were out so much in January that I didn't even get around to this book! Maybe next year! :)


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