2013 Holiday Rewind!

Friday, January 3, 2014
Happy Friday!! How's the weather where you live? I was a cold day here in Florida! Well, cold to us is anything under 70 degrees! I could not imagine living up north where all of you are having snow days. If you want to escape the cold, feel free to come visit me in Florida. We can go have a margarita on the beach! 
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Are you back to work yet? I took the week of Christmas off to spend some time with the family and pack up our house. That's right, we are finally moving into our new home next week! It's bittersweet saying goodbye to our first home as a family, but the new house gives us room to make our family even bigger. I felt like it had been forever since I posted here (packing takes up so much time!) so I thought I'd do a Friday Rewind post... Holiday Edition!
Our first stop during the break was a visit to Santa. As you can tell from the picture, Kenzie was thrilled! I was expecting a less than perfect visit this year, but this picture is priceless. I actually submitted it to Ellen's Bad Santa Photo Gallery. Something that made Kenzie very happy this year was Christmas lights. This picture was taken in Largo Park where they have an amazing lights display. 

My sister, Katie, came in town from NY for Christmas! If any of you live near Manhattan and want to get your hair done, give my sister a call! Kenzie had a blast playing with her Aunt KK on Christmas Eve!
Christmas Day was so much fun this year! As of last year, the hosting of Christmas Day tradition got passed on to me. 
We wrapped up the Holiday with a trip to Orlando and a haircut from Aunt KK!
Here is some advice we learned while in Orlando this time... do not go to the parks during the holiday season! The best time to go is after January 7, September, and the day after Thanksgiving. The parks (and Orlando in general) have fewer visitors. You're welcome :)
I am looking forward to learning and growing more from my friends and fellow SLPs this year. I am not one to really make resolutions (honestly because I never keep them) but I do want to continue to improve in every aspect of my life. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I look forward to keeping in touch with you all in 2014!

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