Not So Spooky Spider Craft

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

 I just love this time of year. The weather cools down and the holidays are right around the corner. Since I work at a private school, we don't go all out for Halloween. However, this is the time of year that I love teaching about creepy crawly critters....especially spiders! 

This was a really fun project to make with the class. It was fairly simple to make and used supplies that I already had in my classroom. To get started, I took a piece of card stock paper and a bottle of glue (don't use a glue stick) I drew out a spiderweb with the glue on the paper. A white crayon works too, but the glue method  turns out so much better. It also gives the web a 3-d texture! I did this during the kids rest time and let it dry overnight to avoid little fingers touching the wet glue!

The next day, I had the kids paint their spiderwebs with watercolors! The glue will resist the watercolor so it creates a very cool design and leaves you with a beautiful spiderweb!
Next, I cut out black circles and 8 spider legs for each student. I used a 2 inch circle hole punch to make the spider body. Before the kids added their spider to the web, we watched a fun video on spiders by SciShow Kids. If you haven't checked this YouTube channel out yet, I recommend it! During the video we learned that spiders have 8 legs but can have lots of eyes! This way they knew how many legs to give their spiders, but I let them decide how many eyes to give their own spider. Googly eyes would work great, but I used sticker eyes I bought on Amazon. 
These spiders turned out so cute and are perfect hallway art. 

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