Moowi Puppet! A Product Review

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Another Tuesday is here! What's on your lesson plans for the week? Are you diving into Thanksgiving stories yet? I love when I am able to add hands on visuals with stories that I read with my students. Print outs are fun, but puppets are even better! I was very excited when the  people from Moowi contacted me about reviewing one of their puppets. According to their website, the Moowi Puppets are speech and language therapy tools to help make articulation exercises fun! They each have a large mouth with teeth and tongues that can be used to demonstrate speech sounds and oral placement. Plus, so many kids love puppets that it will help keep active and easily distracted kids engaged in therapy. 
There are so many ways that puppets can be incorporated into therapy sessions. Here are a few ideas I came up with while playing with our own Molly the Dinosaur (yes, we named her!)
- Articulation drill (imitate what the puppet said)
- Teaching how speech sounds are made and about the articulators. 
- Following directions (I can speak from experience saying that kids follow directions better when they come from a puppet!)
- Story characters for books read during therapy.
- Have your students practice social skills and holding a conversation with the puppet. (Puppets are often less intimidating!)
- Asking and answering questions with and about the puppet.
- Making inferences about the puppet.
- Have your students make up a story with the puppet as the main character.
These puppets are made with durable, yet very soft material. Kenzie and I had a great time using the puppet with our little Kameron and making him laugh! My husband's hand was a very tight fit, but the puppet was a great size for myself and my daughter to use. If you visit the Moowi website and look under materials, you can view all of the puppets they offer. There are dogs, cats, bears, and dinosaurs... just to name a few. They just recently added a giraffe, too! These puppets can be a great addition to your therapy bag of tricks. This dinosaur puppet is now permanently added to my early intervention bag! You can learn more about the puppets and purchase your own by visiting the website, here. Moowi is based out of Poland and the prices are in Euros, however, they do have a currency exchange feature that will allow you to see how much the puppet or puppet bundle will cost you. 
Moowi did provide me with a puppet in exchange for a blog review, however, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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