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Sunday, September 13, 2015
Appy Sunday! The school year has started, you all have your new list of students and new IEP goals ready to go. How many of you have students with adjective goals on their caseload? If you raised your hand, I have an app for you!
Recently, Josie from Teach Speech Apps contacted me about one of her new apps, Adjectives. I was excited to check this app out because like many of you, I also have students working on adjectives. When working with young students, keeping new and fresh ways to work on goals is often key to keeping their attention. And what student doesn't like the iPad? 
Let me show you around….
When you first open the app, you will see the screen above. You can adjust the settings by tapping on the gear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This screen allows you to choose how you want to target adjectives based on the student's need. 
Your options are:
Identify the picture that demonstrates the sentence.
Identify the adjective for the sentence.
Identify the picture- comparative adjectives.
Drag and drop the picture to the matching adjective.
If you choose, identify the picture that demonstrates the sentence, you will be prompted with 10 sets of pictures. Each set includes two pictures for the student to choose from based on the prompt. In the settings, you can choose to have the prompt written or to hear the prompt. This is a great option for both readers and non readers to be able to navigate this app independently. 
If you choose, identify the adjective for the sentence, you are prompted with 10 pictures and sentences like the one above. The student has to tap on the adjective at the bottom of the screen that correctly completes the sentence. 
If you choose, identify the picture- comparative adjectives you are prompted with 10 sets of pictures like in the screen above. The student has to tap on the correct picture based on the sentence prompt. 
Last but not least, if you choose drag and drop the picture to the matching adjective, you will see two columns. One column has pictures and the other has adjectives. The students is to drag the picture to the correct adjective.

I love that this app includes so many different ways to target adjectives. I have multiple students working on adjectives in therapy, but even though they are all at different levels with this goal, I can still use this app with all of them. The option to read or hear the prompt makes this app great for both readers and non-readers. The pictures are bright, colorful, and engaging. I also like that each category prompts with a set of 10- this makes data tracking easy. I do wish there was an option to store the students' data on the app, but other than that, I feel like this app is fun, engaging, and well worth the price. 
You can download a copy of this app in the iTunes store here!
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**Josie did provide me with a copy of the app in exchange for a blog review. However all opinions expressed in this review are my own**

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