How I Use Articulation Activity Notebooks!

Thursday, September 24, 2015
We all know that articulation therapy can get a little dull. There are only so many times you can practice your sound before you play Pop the Pig. I am always on Pinterest searching for fun, new ways to make articulation therapy more fun. Interactive notebooks have been super popular lately.  I am in love with the idea of each student having their own notebook for so many reasons. Kids loving having their own notebook. They take ownership and pride in their notebook, so they really do their best work (most of the time!) It also is like a running record of the students' progress. You can see as the notebook goes on through the year how they have moved from simply practicing sounds, to words, and now phrases. It's great for sharing with parents and teachers. It also helps when it comes time to write up new goals, IEPs, or plans of care.
So, needless to say, I joined the fun and created some interactive activity notebooks for my students. Here is how I use them:  I usually pull the notebook out once a week. Before the session starts, I will print off an activity from the packet and have it ready for the kids. The nice thing about all of these notebooks, is that each and every sound packet has the same activities in them. So, if you are working with a group of students that are each working on different sounds, they can all complete the candy jar activity, just with their own target sounds on their page!
Some examples of activities included are: Rainbow Writing, Tic-Tac-Toe, Word Searches, Color by Word, word sorting, Arctic 4-Square, and lots of cut, color, and glue activities. My students have really enjoyed using these notebooks. It's a great change of pace from skill and drill therapy, but still targets their speech goals!
It's a work in progress, I don't have all the sounds finished yet… but they are coming! Those of you that have already purchased some of the notebook activities from my store, thank you! I see your requests for more sounds and I promise, as soon as the baby gives me a good nap, I'll crank a few more out! Please leave a comment letting me know what sounds you would like to see a notebook for! Check out the notebooks that are already in the store here!
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